Fountain Mesa Court Townhomes

Fountain Mesa Court Townhomes


Fountain Mesa Court is a 64 unit townhome complex of affordable two and three bedroom units under the FDIC's Affordable Housing Disposition Program (AHDP).   Rents are fixed under the program according to a formula that is based on area incomes and requirements for the property.  There are 3 tiers of rent determined by bedroom size and the income designations of very-low-income, low-income and market rate.  Residents are responsible for all utilities to their unit except for trash service.  



Eligibility for residency at Fountain Mesa Court is subject to the area income limits published by HUD, the requirements of the FDIC Affordable Housing Disposition Program, and a determination that the applicant will be a successful resident based on the applicant's credit report, background check and prior rental history.  Families with income that exceeds 120% of the area median income at the time of application are not eligible for residency.  The Housing Authority will review an applicant's income information, rental history and background information to determine eligibility for residency at the Fountain Mesa Court Townhomes.  

2024 Income Limits

Rent Rates as of January 1, 2024

                            2 Bedroom            3 Bedroom

Very Low Income       $530.00               $560.00

Low Income               $570.00               $600.00

Market Rate               $650.00               $710.00

***Please be advised any new move ins are based on the Market Rate***


Families interested in renting a unit at Fountain Mesa Court must complete a rental application on this website. 

Please pay the application fee of $20.00 per adult member of the household in the form of a money order or cashier's check to the main office of the Fountain Housing Authority located at 501 E. Iowa Avenue, Fountain, CO 80817 within 48 hours of applying.  The application fee must be submitted after the completion of the application.  Applications received without the required fee will not be processed.

The minimum income to apply for the Fountain Mesa Court Townhomes Affordable Housing is $1300.00 per month.

Once the waiting list is open for applications and you are interested in applying for residency at the Fountain Mesa Court Townhomes, you may apply online on this website.  This property is an affordable housing community.

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